The Cries and Questions

High up on the tower he lies,

Tired by the people’s cries,

Of pain and sorrow and suffering.

Alone he stays atop, day and night.


Waiting , and waiting for the answer to come,

To the burning question that set him aloof.

Why? He asked , was the world so cruel.

That we should learn from mistakes,

That others make.


How? He asks is this world fair,

When some live on and others despair.

Buried under leaves on a cold winters night,

Or laughing by the bonfire soothing the mind.


All hearts find hope, but he had none.

As he knew not why the cold winds won’t change their way.

Letting fate have its way again.


Is god so cruel? He asked.

That he had let fate decide our past

And the future that was yet to be.

Where people have lost their will and love.

But still they linger on a path unknown,

Only to stumble and fall with a crush and a hush.


He watched in agony with his helpless eyes,

As the cries faded into the night.

Somehow never ending it seemed.

Yet, fading they were seen.


With the gleaming light that filled his eyes,

He sat up to do what was right.

To save souls, it was up to him.

He flung himself into the night.

Soaring with the eagles and the flies.

Crying hoarse, the ageless he awaked.

Lifting their heads, they saw him fly

And soon they started jumping high.


Suddenly caught by a wind unnoticed

Which slipped by his watchful eyes.

Struck his ankle and spurned him down,

Giving way to fate again,

This malice, this world, it never ends.

As he fell, his thoughts worried,

A beginning? There is an end.


16th December 2005


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